What Items Should I Donate

NeighborGood accepts almost all non-perishable food products but we ask that you please check that the food items you wish to donate haven’t expired or gone past the “Best By” date.  It is NeighborGood policy that we do not give our clients outdated or opened food or toiletry items.

During the summer months, the pantry DOES accept good usable fruit and vegetable offerings from local gardeners.  Please discard any rotten or bruised items as we cannot give those to our clients.

NeighborGood CANNOT accept any wild game meat (deer, elk, pheasant, etc.).  There are pantries that do accept some wild game meat, but you need to call the Food Bank for the Heartland for a list of pantries that do so.

NeighborGood does not accept or use food or toiletry items that are open and/ or partially used. e.g. oatmeal, cornmeal, honey, syrup, etc.

The pantry is especially in need of items that round out a meal, such as:

A complete list of all the food items we routinely stock in our pantry is below:

Please check the expiration dates of all food items!

Expired food items and opened/partial packages cannot be used by NeighborGood.